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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


It was Christmas Eve. Ebenezer Scrooge was an old mas who had been working with his friend Jacob Marely in a shop. His friend died 7 years ago so he was working alone. He was very ambitious and he didn't like people he only liked money. A man called Bob Cratchit worked for him and he treated him very badly. Bob had a wife and 6 childen and they were poor. That day, while both were in the shop, Scrooge's nephew, Fred, entered in his office and said: "Merry Christmas uncle! Do you want to come to our house to have dinner?" He was is unique family memmber. Scrooge answered: Christmas is nonsense. His nephew left and another gentleman entered asking for money to help poor people. Because he wanted them to have a Merry Christmas. But Scrooge didn't listen to him and didn't give him any money. That night Scrooge went home and suddenly a ghost appeared. It was Marely's Ghost. He was afraid. The ghost explained what he was doing there: "When peopple are alive, must help others, but some people can not do it so when they die, these people become ghosts and they trevel seeing terrible things but they can not do anything to help people, they only can help when they are alive". Then, he said that 3 ghosts wouold go to see him, in three different nights. Then he dissapered. The first ghost was the Ghost of Christmas Past. This ghost showed him his past. He saw his family, the girl who lost because of money... He learnt a lot of things. Then the Ghost of Christmas Present arrived and he showed him how the situation was at Bob's house at that moment. His youngest child was ill. Then he carried him tp Fred's house where he saw that everybody was having a good time. The next night the last ghost arrived, the Ghost yet to came. He showed him how his future would be if he didn't change his attitude. He saw that Bob's child would die, that if he didn' go to Fred house, everybody would laugh at him... So when all the ghosts went and he got up he realised that all this had happened in one night so he was on time, o help people. It was Christmas day. He carried a big turkey to Bob's family and gave them lots of money yo pay a doctor to help the child, he gave the man who had been in the shop the day before, the money he had asked for and he went to Fred's house to have dinner with the family. He also gave a job to Bob's oldest son. He loved people and didn't care so much about money. He loved Christmas more than anything else!

Personal opinion
In my opinion this book shows that is more important people who love you and helpping people than money. You can be happy with people and not a lot of money but you can not be happy with lots of money and feeling alone. This book shows how important it is to valore the things that we have because other people do not have as much as we do. This is important to realise the way a lot of people live in this world and what other people do to help them, NOTHING!

Reviewed by: Elene Sarasola

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Alicia en el País de las Maravillas-Lewis CARROLL

Alicia está sentada junto a su hermana a la orilla del río. De repente, ve pasar a un Conejo Blanco que va hablando solo y que se mete en su madriguera. Sorprendida, Alicia decide seguirle, pero en su persecución cae por un profundo agujero que la llevará hasta un mundo «maravilloso».

Todos conocemos a Alicia, todos todos conocemos el País de las Maravillas pero cada lectura nos descubre nuevos secretos del lenguaje, de la imaginación y de la realidad. No lo sabemos todo sobre Alicia, ¡atrévete a descubrirlo!

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Tom Sawyer- Mark Twain.

Esta es la historia de un verano de travesuras, diversión y amistad. Es la historia de Tom Sawyer, el niño que nos llevará a orillas del río Mississippi, a casa de su tía Polly, desde donde saldrá a correr aventuras con sus amigos Huck y Joe.

Explorar nuevas y recónditas islas, investigar personajes curiosos de la comunidad y vivir inolvidables aventuras junto a personajes clásicos de la literatura universal serán solo algunas de las recompensas de esta generosa lectura.

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